2 artists from each side of the world, come together to present high quality modern performances perfect for any event.

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Arisa & Norbi came together in 2015. Two personalities from either side of the globe, with a shared love of creation and originality, have since been entertaining audiences together in more than 20 different countries around the world!

Arisa Meguro

Arisa was born in Tokyo and raised with no exposure to circus. However, inspired by Cirque Du Soleil, at the age of 18 she was motivated to become a circus artist.
After graduating from the Sori International Circus School in Japan in 2011, she continued her circus formation at l'École de cirque de Québec in Canada from 2012-2015.
While in Quebec, Arisa continued to study contortion, then later added hand-to-hand, aerial hoop and tissu loop to her repertoire. Having a strong interest in contemporary dance and the aesthetics of movement, Arisa also thoroughly enjoys combining circus with other ideas, to create beautiful pieces of performance art.


Norbi was born in Spain, to British parents, and spent his childhood surrounded by circus. He was was first seen on stage at only 7 years old! After following an academic education until the end of high school, Norbi ran away with, and continued touring with, traditional circuses until he moved to Canada to study at l'École de cirque de Québec from 2008-2011. 
Although specializing in juggling at school, Norbi began training hand-to-hand and other acrobatic arts after graduation. 
Using influences from years of travelling the world, Norbi has managed to combine classic technique with original modern research, to create a fresh representation of circus.